Copyright related to Julia Documentation

Hi friends,
What are the copyright issues related to Julia documentation.
Can I publish the help contents of ?cos command in my blog as such(verbatim).
I want to compile selective commands and to publish a tutorial on these commands.
Is the content in the website Julia Documentation · The Julia Language copyrighted.


Suppose a blog or tutorial uses this documentation, then the same license applies to the blog or tutorial?
Say my blog contains 80% original content and 20% taken from Julia documentation.

No, the MIT license is not a “copyleft” — you are free to combine it with works under another (e.g. more restrictive) license, as long as you still abide by the terms of the MIT license for the included work (basically, you preserve the copyright notice).

A decent summary of different types of licenses can be found in this classic article by Bruce Perens (which refers to the MIT/expat license by its old nickname of the “X license”). A more recent summary, focused specifically on permissive licenses like the MIT license, is this article at


Even leaving the licensing aside:
I would say direct attributed quotes are pretty clearly fair use.
And given copyright is only pursued as civil cases by the copyright holder, and noone involved in the julia project wants julia to be less disseminated, noone is going to sue you over it so it is moot.

It probably better to link to the online documentation by way of attribution rather than just quoting the output of ?foo without a link, because its more readable.


The online documentation and help outputs are different many times.

not if you are looking at the right version.
They are literally generated from the same source

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