Julia License FAQ



I think that the Julia documentation should have a “Julia License FAQ” section, on the model of the “Python Software Foundation License FAQ”. In particular I think that it would be beneficial to have the following question answered in simple words: “Can I bundle Julia with my non-open-source application?”. I know that there are many technical details on Julia’s license both here and here, but IMHO it would be useful to have an explanatory summary such as the above Python’s FAQ.

Moreover, since I understand that Julia as it is cannot be bundled with non-open-source applications due to some GPL external libraries (and I guess the same applies to JuliaPro) I think it would also be useful to have a Julia distribution subset including only permissively licensed libraries, which could be bundled with non-open-source applications.


It has been discussed on a few discourse forums already.
There is an option for building a distribution of Julia excluding all conflicting licenses in order to have a more permissive license such as “for commercial use” distribution (e.g., JuliaPro); this can be done, but one must build it from the source code (e.g., USE_GPL_LIBS=0).