CoolProp use in Julia

Hello everyone
I need help using CoolpProp in Julia. I have been using CoolProp in Python, but I would like to try it in Julia to improve code speed. I’m a Linux user. I followed the guide on the CoolProp site about Julia wrapper but haven’t been able to use it. Could someone point me the correct steps to use the Coolprop shared library in Julia?

install CoolProp.jl package,it not register, search in github and clone

Realize that if you spend most of your computation time in the CoolProp library, then it won’t be any faster calling it from Julia than from Python. Julia code (properly written) has a speed advantage only for your own performance-critical code.

Depending on your application, you may also want to take a look at Clapeyron.jl, a pure-Julia thermofluids package.

If you still want to try out Coolprop in julia,
here are step-by-step instructions in a temporary environment
(they will be in the README when is merged):

# type a closing bracket ] to enter package mode
(@v1.6) pkg> activate --temp
  Activating new environment at `/tmp/jl_1ZD3mT/Project.toml`

# add the package from its url
(jl_1ZD3mT) pkg> add
    Updating `/tmp/jl_1ZD3mT/Project.toml`
  [e084ae63] + CoolProp v0.0.0 ``
    Updating `/tmp/jl_1ZD3mT/Manifest.toml`

# hit backspace to get back to the main REPL prompt, then use CoolProp
julia> using CoolProp
[ Info: Precompiling CoolProp [e084ae63-2819-5025-826e-f8e611a84251]

# try it
# (Q is the "quality", cf.
julia> PropsSI("T", "P", 101325.0, "Q", 0, "Water")