Contributions for gsoc-23

I’m interested for working in julia for GSoC 23. Will be eager to know how to get started…
Also would be helpful if you assign some beginner first issues to me

What are you interested in? There’s lots in the SciML universe and equation solvers for those interested. See here:

I think some nice hotspots for GSoCs this year are NonlinearSolve.jl (and SimpleNonlinearSolve.jl), Optimization.jl, and BoundaryValueDiffEq.jl. There’s some low hanging fruit like a good implementation of DF-SANE (DF-Sane method · Issue #117 · SciML/NonlinearSolve.jl · GitHub) where someone can focus a lot on the math and algorithms. There’s also some nice projects in neural ODE adjacent stuff in DiffEqFlux.jl which aren’t in the dev programs list right now.