Continuous Integration with Gurobi.jl

Dear Community,

For a project I am developing on github, I would like to set-up the CI.yml using Gurobi.jl as a solver.
I do have a license, however, it is not clear to me how to successfully install gurobi and the license into github actions to do so.
I tried to do something similar to what done in Gurobi.jl using WSLLICENSE, but unfortunaly, the CI cannot find the Gurobi installation anyway.

May someone help me?

Thank you in advance,

Could you share your repository / previous attempt / error messages? It would be difficult to debug the issue without that.

I do have a license

What kind of license? Setting up Gurobi on CI requires a currently undocumented feature that is still in development. If you have a commercial license, I suggest you contact your Gurobi rep for support.

If you just have an academic license, you cannot use Gurobi on CI machines.