Constraint Programming Organization - Search for a name

Hi everyone,

@Azzaare and I are planning to create a GitHub organization for constraint programming.

As you know naming is one of the 2 or 3 hard problems for us developers. Therefore, we are looking for help.

We’ve created a list of possible names. Now it’s your time to cast and/or add a suggestion in the comments :wink:

Favorite Constraint Programming Orga Name
  • JunCO: Julia natural COnstraints, or Constraint Optimization
  • JunCtion: Julia natural Constraint resoluTION
  • JuCoP: Julia COnstraint Programming
  • Ju(i)CY: Julia (Intuitive) Constraint for You/Yard/ where Y <: Solver
  • JuCan: Julia Constraint Answer, read as you can
  • JOYCE: Julia Organization for Your Constraint Evaluations
  • JuCS-box: Julia Constraint Solving/Solvers/Solutions - box

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Thanks everyone on various platforms to help with coming up with some of these and thank you for voting!

We’ll let you know once the decision is made and the organization is created.


Why not JuliaConstraints?


Or JuliaConstraintOptim


I personally prefer something shorter and one needs to consider that we “compete” with the awesome name of JuMP :smiley:

Anyway thanks for your suggestion and please like on @Luapulu comments when you prefer his suggestion.

There is a package naming conventions: *.jl , not sure if it can be applied to ogranizations, that are repeating Julia in its name.

Except that JuMP only works for people who already know what JuMP is about. I couldn’t tell from the name what it’s about. I like names like JuliaPhysics or JuliaArrays. Thos are names that make it absolutely clear from the name what it is.

Or JuliaStrings / JuliaString or JuliaDynamics…


Doesn’t apply to organisations. They tend to be called JuliaXyz or JuAbc.


How about JuCSP or JuliaCSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem)

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I have suggested JuNP
but they fear for their lives
(Julia is Not Prolog)


Another suggestion: JuCoM (JUlia for Constraint Modeling).


JuCORP (Julia Constraint Optimization & Resolution Programming/Products)

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I know it’s not helpful, but can I just vote against anything with “Ju-”? :slight_smile: Not that it’s wrong, of course… Although I did notice that there aren’t many of that form -

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Do you mind to give a reason why you are against Ju- ? @cormullion

I have nothing logical… Maybe an aversion to neologisms - or perhaps homonyms can be subconsciously disturbing.

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CSP is the acronym of a famous problem of the area, the Cutting Stock Problem, so I would avoid it.

Then count me for JuCoP :wink:

It also happens to be restrictive as satisfaction problem is only a part of Constraint Programming.

Note that until JuMP became very well established (like v0.17 or v0.18) and well known the GitHub org was called JuliaOpt. It was only last year or so that it moved out to JuMP-dev.
That org also hosted other things once.


We used your suggestion now and might go with something shorter and funnier when creating packages. :wink: