Configure vscode to automatically complete code blocks with 'end' as appropriate

I find myself manually typing ‘end’ several lines down from a function header, then moving the cursor back into the function body to create the function. Is it possible to configure VSCode to do this automatically whenever I write ‘function’, ‘begin’, etc…?


Snippet completions should do exactly that. Can you check whether you’ve disabled them by accident?


Thanks. How would I go about that exactly?


Hi. My settings are configured exactly as shown in your screenshot, but the auto completion doesn’t seem to be working for me. I do have the Julia extension for VSCode.

To be clear, I’m expecting the editor to add “end” and put my cursor indented before that, whenever I type something like for a in b and press return. Is that what snippet completion should do, or am I misunderstanding it?

Snippet completion will trigger when typing for and give you three cursor positions you can tab between:

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