Compute Distribution among binary vector

I want to compute marginal distributions among binary data.For example, I have several vectors like

a = [0, 1, 0, 1]
b = [1, 0, 0, 1]

and compute all possible distributions, like P(a=0, b=0) = 1/4, P(a=0, b=1) = 1/4, P(a=1, b=0) = 1/4, P(a=1, b=1) = 1/4. I code as followed

function marginal_distribution(data::Matrix, port::Vector)
    m, n = size(data)
    len = 2 ^ length(port)
    res = zeros(Float64, len)
    for i in 0:(len-1)
        tmp = ones(typeof(data[1]), m)
        for (j, cols) in enumerate(port)
            t = 1 - 1 & (i >> (j - 1))
            tmp .*= t .⊻ data[:, cols]
        res[i+1] = mean(tmp)
    return res

Each col of data represent a vector, and port is to choose the vector to be calculated. But this function is too slow. How can I acculate it?

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Hi @GoYetChallenged,

This question could be either directed at domain experts, which might introduce you to better algorithms, or at the general public. For the general understanding it might be better to post a complete M(inimal)W(orking)E(xample) and tell us why you think this function is too slow.

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