Compliation problems: libosxunwind binds deprecated libstdc++

Just wanted to post here quickly before opening a GitHub issue, since I’m not sure if there is just some cleaning/resetting step that I’m forgetting…

Trying to build the v1.0.1 tag on macOS 10.14 (Mojave), I keep running into an issue that the libosxunwind dependency still references libstdc++ in its Makefile. Apparently, this library was deprecated in 10.13 and removed in 10.14 (in favor of libc++). I’ve tried a make clean, make cleanall, and make distcleanall to no avail.

So, is it me? Or is Julia not compiling on Mojave?

I ran into a similar problem while building Julia 0.7. It seems solved by this PR: At the moment, you have to build Julia version 1.0 or greater to have the PR effective.