Complex number, abs() and IntervalArithmetic

Good evening,

I ran into an issue in my code earlier with IntervalArithmetic:

julia> abs.([0..0.01] + [0..1]*im)
1-element Array{Interval{Float64},1}:
 [0, ∞]

julia> norm([0..0.01] + [0..1]*im, 1)
 [0, ∞]

However, there is no issue if I use abs2():

julia> abs2.([0..0.01] + [0..1]*im)
1-element Array{Interval{Float64},1}:
 [0, 1.00011]

I did not see anything on the Issue section of IntervalArithmetic.jl but perhaps I am missing something ?
Should norm be avoided when using IntervalArithmetic ?

Cross-ref for tracking the issue:

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