Compat with stdlib deprecations, e.g. mul!, cholesky, mean, var

Apologies in advance if this has been addressed somewhere, but I couldn’t find anything.

Using the Compat.jl package has made preparing code for 0.7/1.0 while maintaining 0.6 functionality seamless, for almost all deprecations/changes that I have encountered so far. Some of the changes I have a bit more trouble with:

A_mul_b! -> mul!
chol(A) -> cholesky(A).U
mean -> Statistics.mean
var -> Statistics.var

For the last two, one can e.g. importCompat.mean but this still gives a deprecation warning as one imports Base.mean in 0.7 rather than Statistics.mean.

I’m wondering if there is a way I have overlooked to handle these changes without explicitly conditioning on the version of julia.

There is an unmerged PR which should fix this:

Thanks Tamas.

I guess this won’t resolve the issue with the LinearAlgebra deprecations, even if it is merged.