Coming to boston on 3/16/23 and would like a suggestion about AirBnb or B & B near center of town

Hi all
My wife and I are coming to Boston on 3/16/23 and would like to avoid staying in a hotel. We like b & b but if that’s not on in Boston AirBnb is fine.
We’ll be near the downtown area ( MIT) and wonder if anyone has any suggestions please?
thank you

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I’ve had a decent experience at the Irving House b&b (near Harvard) in the past.

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thank you so much for taking the time. We loved the place and location BUT it’s fully booked for our times. Thanks again though.

In my experience (a few times in this situation), the AirBnBs near MIT are mostly like student housing. I opted for a hotel last time.


Yep, I’ve stayed in a number of AirBnBs around Cambridge and have never chosen to repeat any — they’ve always looked better than they were. I now just use hotels myself too.

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great info thanks for the heads up. It’s St Patrick’s week so we didn’t want to go to a hotel as it tends to get a little “strange” :slight_smile:

thanks, really helps. We didn’t want hotels on St Patrick’s week for the amateur drinking issue.