Colorized objects when tab completing module

I think that it would be useful if Julia colorized the results when tab completing in the REPL. For instance, in the package Flux.jl one can simply do in REPL


and then TAB to view all objects that were loaded from the package. Some packages can have hundreds of these objects depending on the complexity. Other than documentation or using the ? helper, it can be difficult to see which objects are functions, data structures, or sub modules. Colorizing each of these so that one can easily view would help with understanding how the package is structured.

ie. Using this, one could see in the Flux.jl package, that Data isn’t a function but a sub-module with a very useful function dataloader. I find many packages are like this, and I understand that their is a naming scheme to differentiate, this isn’t always followed.

I am an engineer so I don’t know how complex this would have to be or if more dynamic packages would make this feature near impossible. I just wanted to put this out there to see if I should put in for a feature request or if there is already alternatives to this.

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