Color plot with a list

I have a big list which contains some other lists. It’s for example like this A=[ [1,2,3] , [4,5,6] , [7,8,9] ]. How can I plot a heatmap for this? or any other types of colormaps.
My actual list information:
typeof: Vector{Any} (alias for Array{Any, 1})
size: (99,)

Your example A has the type: Vector{Vector{Int64}}, while your actual list type is said to be: Vector{Any}.
Where do we stand?

For the former you can try: heatmap(reduce(hcat,A)), or of its transpose.

Tip. If you got a list of lists A as Vector{Vector{Real}}, then heatmap(hcat(A...)) is equivalent to heatmap(reduce(hcat,A)).

Thanks. What dose the reduce() do in this example?

Thanks. So I should change the A type?

I am just a user, but I think for the vector A of 3 vectors, it does something equivalent to the successive application of hcat:

hcat(hcat(A[1], A[2]), A[3])