Code introspection recommendations/advice

After some testing I obtained that calling the C FFTW library directly from julia is much faster (x5 faster) than using the FFTW julia package. Now I want to understand where this difference might be coming from, therefore I have been inspecting FFTW’s source code.

There is a lot of generated code in FFTW’s source code that I have been reading and preprocessing in my head, but I would like to print the generated functions on my screen. Any ideas on how I can do this?

I checked a similar question, but these answers don’t apply to my case. One the one hand, I can’t install Sugar.jl. Also, Base.methods(f) does not work with constructors.

Have you started Julia with multiple threads? FFTW. jl is sometimes very slow on small kernels due to Julia’s threading.

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked and `Base.Threads.nthreads() = 1.
I am evaluating my code further to make sure that my speed tests are comparable. I’ll share a working example if I keep observing the speed differences.