CoCalc offers Julia 1.4 now

CoCalc released yet another software update including Julia 1.4.


How do I create a simple code snippet that everyone can play with but where users don’t need to be registered users and at the same time without influencing each other use ?

It seems you need to pay for “sharing”, but what I want is to share very simple pieces in a MOOC where I don’t know the other students… I think there should be a free service for this… after all is bringing people on the platform with very few computational costs…

The account/project which is publishing files via share has to be upgrade (pay) to do so. That’s primarily a measure against spam and other malicious activities. Others who want to use this can do so without upgrading.

Please don’t underestimate the costs of free users. Nobody is happy if CoCalc has to shut down :frowning_face: