Demo Thursday 4 pm ET

Hello all. We’ve been chatting with Blaec from about potentially sponsoring JuliaCon 2024 thanks to @cpfiffer :

I got a preview in our initial chat, and I thought more of you may be interested to see what is available. They would also be interested in seeing how interested the Julia community is in their product. If you would like to join us on Zoom on Thursday at 4 pm US Eastern Time, please let me know and I’ll DM you the link.

I posted a bit about my initial experience here:


I’m so happy to hear this!

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Bumping in case anyone would like to join this call 2024-02-15T21:00:00Z. That’s about 5 hours from this post.

It’s a great chance to hear about free and paid Julia services in the cloud while helping out JuliaCon and the Julia community!

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