Cloud app developer and julia developer for automated CNC machining

At Toolpath labs our goal is to make CNC machining as easy as 3D printing. We’re developing a cloud based application for CNC machining strategy generation that allows you to go from 3D geometry to a usable machining program in just a few minutes.

Our app uses a julia web server to communicate with the rest of the cloud stack, and we’re looking for a developer to help build/improve the julia webserver, design the cloud infrastructure it runs on for high scalability, and improve the speed and responsiveness of our application through performance improvements and exploiting parallel computing.

If you have experience in Genie.jl, deploying Julia web applications in general or on AWS specifically, high performance julia coding, or parallel algorithm development please get in touch.

Salary range: 90-120k + equity grant
Remote work — we currently have employees around the globe!