Choice of IDE for Julia


Julia on Spyder -

I hope someday it will happen.


Example of great things in Spyder:

Really, having Julia on Spyder would be great for users coming from MATLAB.


Is Revise.jl an adequate replacement for this feature in environments other than Juno ?


Yes, another alternative is

I think next release of julia-vscode will have module evaluation though.


The main issue with Atom (it’s slow) is being actively worked on – the 1.19 release uses a C++ implementation of the text buffer, and it becomes noticeably faster (especially for large files). I think Juno and VSCode are roughly equivalent, so it is a matter of preference.

I use Juno + Jupyter (especially for teaching).


I use Kakoune, it has great integration with tmux and can send code to repl nicely.


electric-operation now support Julia, which makes the coding life more comfortable.