Check Structural Identifiability with some fixed parameters

I am using StructuralIdentifiability.jl package to check the Identifiability of ODE by fixing some model parameters. The model includes 7 variable states and 22 parameters of which 12 of those are fixed. (I defined fixed parameters by param_values as Dict.)
I have googled it and found nothing more except using StructuralIdentifiability.set_parameter_values(ode, param_values) function, but when I use it and define param_values by param_values = Dict(ηψᵥ=>19.03,γc=>1.31,ψₛ=>410e-3,ξ=>510e-9,
, face the following error: Any suggestion or other solutions??
MethodError: no method matching set_parameter_values(::ODE{Nemo.fmpq_mpoly}, ::Dict{Nemo.fmpq_mpoly, Float64})
Closest candidates are:
set_parameter_values(::ODE{P}, ::Dict{P, T}) where {T<:AbstractAlgebra.FieldElem, P<:AbstractAlgebra.MPolyElem{T}} at ~/.julia/packages/StructuralIdentifiability/ooOlO/src/ODE.jl:62

Open an issue on the repo.

Thank you, Chris.
I am not familiar with the repo section; where is that?

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