Check module functions and method definitions


Are there functions to check module functions and method definitions?


Please clarify what “check” means in this context. Do you mean unit tests?


If you are in the REPL, you can type

julia> ModuleName.

And then press the ‘tab’ key twice, you will get a list of all methods in that module.

There is also the methods(..) method.


True, I should have clarified. @chakravala interpreted my request correctly.


How does methods(...) work?

help?> methods
search: methods methodswith method_exists Method MethodTable MethodError

  methods(f, [types])

  Returns the method table for f.

  If types is specified, returns an array of methods whose types match.

julia> methods(mean)
# 6 methods for generic function "mean":
mean(r::Range{#s45} where #s45<:Real) in Base at range.jl:858
mean(f::Union{Function, Type}, A::AbstractArray) in Base at statistics.jl:35
mean(f::Union{Function, Type}, iterable) in Base at statistics.jl:19
mean(A::AbstractArray) in Base at statistics.jl:36
mean(A::AbstractArray{T,N} where N, region) where T in Base at statistics.jl:57
mean(iterable) in Base at statistics.jl:34