Changing my user name


I realize that this post doesn’t belong here, but I cannot figure out how to contact the site administrator, and I think that this question would be even more out of place in another forum:

Due to my lack of familiarity with discourse, I have ended up with a needlessly long user name, “Daniel_Carrera”. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I was hoping that one of the site administrators might be able to correct my mistake and perhaps change my user name to “danielc”. I looked for a “display name” option in the settings, but I failed to find one.

I guess that one form of site feedback that I could offer is that maybe there should be some easier-to-find instructions on how to contact the admin.

Thanks for the help.


Should be all set now.

Also as far as I can tell, discourse doesn’t provide such a contact admin feature; this may be by design. (though you can pm above a certain trust level)

From TL1 you can send PMs and a list of admins and moderators is available under About - JuliaLang.

For anybody else looking to change their name in the future. Please contact me directly.