Changing DEPOT_PATH in IJulia

I’m deploying an in-house application as a Jupyter notebook. Thanks to environments, I can have a “stable” environment working for the app, while my “dev” environment contains the latest code changes. Precompilation is a problem, however. I was thinking of circumventing the issue by having a separate DEPOT_PATH, but I’m having a hard time making that work with IJulia, because it loads Compat before I get the chance to modify the DEPOT_PATH, and then any package that depends on Compat refuses to precompile. I figured that I could maybe create a separate IJulia kernel, where I set the JULIA_DEPOT_PATH to something else in the kernelspec?

  "display_name": "Julia 1.0.2",
  "argv": [
  "language": "julia"

Does anyone know of an easy way to do that? Or another approach entirely?

might be useful.

  "argv": [

did the trick.