Changes in the Plots/GraphRecipes packages?

Hello everyone,

In the documentation of Plot/GraphRecipes ( you can find this example:

using GraphRecipes, Plots
g = [0 1 1;
0 0 1;
0 1 0]

graphplot(g, names=1:3, curvature_scalar=0.1)

Which is supposed to give this :

But when I run this code on my REPL I have only lines and not arrows and the names of the nodes are not displayed either.
Do you know why? Have there been any changes in the GraphRecipes package?

Thank you in advance for your answer ,


graphplot(g, names=1:3, curvature_scalar=0.1, arrow=0.4)
is doing the trick for me:

But I didn’t found a good starting point for reading some documentation, but I found it here:

Okay thank you very much, i’ll look into it !