Change depth of sidebar in Documenter

The sidebar of documenter has depth equal to 2 (that’s the default) and I want to set the depth of that menu to 3. How can I do that?
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In principle Documenter renders trees of arbitrary depth in the sidebar. Just the stylesheet only indents the first and second sublevel – third and higher have the same margin as the second sublevel. This was a design decision, since otherwise those menu items would be too far to the right and not wide enough.

I don’t think going beyond three levels would generally be good for readability, so I would suggest trying to organize the docs within this constraint. Three levels of nesting (+ the headings within a page) should be enough to have nicely organized docs that are easy to navigate.

What if we want the opposite : to ignore (=hide) third level headers in the sidebar? Is there any setting for that?

@bmxam: We do have the hide function, which might help you.