Change color of circle with trackbars

I am trying to draw a circle and then change the color of the circle based on the values from the trackbars.

So far, I can draw the circle(picture of the code is attached). I can make the trackbar but the trackbar changes the color of a default square (I didn’t create the square. A picture of the code and result is attached) .

The code can also be found at![Result|690x367](upload://e0oGLq0PkL42xZeFbuvmbUuU1zz.png)

How can I change my code so that the trackbars change the color of the circle and not the color of the square?

I’ve never been able to get Luxor working properly with Jupiter notebooks and Interact (some issues here: Issues · JuliaGizmos/Interact.jl · GitHub) so I can’t personally recommend it; it may simply be not good enough for this purpose without some engineering works. You may be better off trying Makie.jl or Gtk.jl… But I hope you can be the first person to make it work!

Thank you for your input. Shashi Gowda from MIT helped me with a code that worked in Atom but not in Jupyter Notebook. You are absolutely right, there is some issue. Now, I will look in the Makie.jl and Gtk.jl and see what might help.