Centralized platform for jobs related to Julia?

I was thinking about a centralized platform where people could post job opportunities related to Julia. Traditionally, the community has used Discourse, Slack and other forums to announce opportunities at their labs, institutions and companies, but I am sure various potential applicants are missing some of these announcements. Do you have a suggestion to ameliorate this situation? Would it make sense to have a page on the Julia website to aggregate all announcements?


Suggest that an existing platform which is under the control of the Julia community is used for jobs ads, ie the Jobs category here.

Having more jobs & job seekers would require a different platform (to search by area, qualifications, kind of job etc) but currently the traffic is so light that one can just subscribe to the category and check posts.

That said, companies will just advertise wherever they imagine they will get applications, so there is no real way to “centralize” this. The community can only encourage certain things, ie that all job ads are posted here (among other places, that’s fine).



and that is the situation that I would like to improve with a more “official” platform. Posting on the forum here is great but it doesn’t feel very professional. Plus, the person/company needs to create an account on the forum just to announce an opportunity, which is not ideal. Even a simple feed aggregator on the official language website could improve the current status quo.

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AFAIK most job seach sites would also require some kind of an account to post an ad. Also, a lot of Julia users (including people at potential employers) already have an account here, so I don’t see this as a big deal.

Generally, for a job market with a high number of jobs and applicants a service like the one you are proposing makes a lot of sense. Julia may end up having one of those job markets (that would be great), but for now, I think just posting here (and reading posts here) is a reasonable solution and we should just channel employers and employees here.

A platform has an extra cost, in the sense would need dedicated maintainers and ideally at least some medium-term commitment (ending up with abandonned, non-functional, or malware infested websites is not professional either). Maybe the volume of job posts would justify that cost at some point, and then this issue should be revisited, but currently it is <10 ads/month.


What do you think about LinkedIn? Potential employers and recruiters regularly browse LinkedIn and if the searcher has maintained his profile accordingly, the searcher will be found. Recruiters are very efficient, which means that even if you don’t search at all, you will be contacted! :wink:

I use LinkedIn, however I feel it is difficult to find relevant opportunities there.

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I have looked into this extensively, the main issue is that no Job platform (LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.) has a public or developer API so we cannot go out and fetch relevant Julia jobs.