Canvas too small when plotting multiple plots

Hi there,

I am currently using the Plots.jl package for making the plots for my paper. And for some reason, when I create multiple plots next to each other, the canvas seems tp be to small to fit the entire image.

For example: The following code

using Plots

a = plot([1:10;], [1:10;], ylabel="linear")

b = plot([1:10;].^2, [1:10;], ylabel="squared")

c = plot([1:10;].^3, [1:10;], ylabel="cubed")

plot(a,b,c, layout=(1,3), size=(1000, 600))

creates the following figure

Note that the linear at the side is cut off.

Is there any way I can fix this?

Lastly, as I often like to postprocess my figure in Inkscape, I would really like to know what is going on there. If I save the image as an SVG or PDF and import it to Inkscape, I can fix this issue in Inkscape 1.2 but not in 1.3 By moving the cut-off feature to another later.

All help is appreciated! (adjust as needed)