Cannot quit julia REPL when using ODBC


I have a strange error. After issuing “using ODBC” and running a command, I’m unable to quit out of the REPL. I use the quit() command and it just hangs forever. I’ve tried it on another linux machine and a completely separate installation and I get the same thing there too.

I haven’t seen this on any other packages that I’m using.

This is on Julia 0.6

Is there something I can do without killing the terminal that’s it’s running or finding and killing the julia process?


I’m not having this problem, but my guess is that something bad is happening when it tries to access the ODBC binaries, though I don’t know why it’s hanging instead of throwing an error. Can you confirm the existence of


Actually, I figured out the issue. I see this if I don’t issue the ODBC.disconnect command. I’ve used other SQL packages before and most of those issue an automatic disconnect when quitting the shell, so I didn’t think I needed to do this, but that does seem to resolve the “quit()” issue.


Thanks for posting; I think there’s something we can do in the ODBC.jl package to ensure this always happens. I opened this issue to track progress.