Cannot plot in interactive mode

I’m struggling with plotting in interactive mode in VS Code (without Jupyter Lab). According to Backends · Plots, Plotly(JS), PyPlot, InspectDR are most suitable.

I’m plotting surface plots of triangles: x, y and z are vectors of length N X M and (x_i, y_i) = (x[i],y[i]) are the coordinates for the z[i] function value.

using Plots; # using either pyplot(), plotly() or inspectdr()
plot(x, y, z, st= :surface)

I have tried the 3 options:

  1. Plotly: interaction works, but not rendered correctly due to the bug

  2. PyPlot: cannot get it to work interactively. How do I tell PyPlot to plot in interactive mode?

  3. InspectDR: doesn’t implement surface type

I get correct, but non-interactive, plots in GR and PyPlot. Any suggestions for interactive plots (except for calling PlotlyJS.plot(…) directly)?