Cannot locate artifact 'libknet8' in KNet


I have downloaded Knet from GitHub - denizyuret/Knet.jl: Koç University deep learning framework. (but I have the same problem when I download Knet with Pkg.add(“Knet”)) to a Nvidia Jetson Nano (as it is an inexpensive method to finalise a Monte Carlo simulation using a GPU to be later run on a supercomputer)

When using Knet I have an error and it appears libknet8 cannot be found. I have googled a bit and found some posts related to Knet and libknet8 but I don’t understand what can be done to overcome this problem. Any suggestion to get around this would be very useful and very much appreciated.

I post the error and some package and system info below.

Thank you for any help,


julia> using Knet
[ Info: Precompiling Knet [1902f260-5fb4-5aff-8c31-6271790ab950]
ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: LoadError: Cannot locate artifact ‘libknet8’ for aarch64-linux-gnu-libgfortran4-cxx11-julia_version+1.6.1 in ‘/home/giovanni/.julia/packages/Knet/dUFJb/Artifacts.toml’
[1] error(s::String)
@ Base ./error.jl:33
[2] artifact_slash_lookup(name::String, artifact_dict::Dict{String, Any}, artifacts_toml::String, platform::Base.BinaryPlatforms.Platform)
@ Artifacts /buildworker/worker/package_linuxaarch64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.6/Artifacts/src/Artifacts.jl:608
[3] var"@artifact_str"(source::LineNumberNode, module::Module, name::Any, platform::Nothing)
@ Artifacts /buildworker/worker/package_linuxaarch64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.6/Artifacts/src/Artifacts.jl:678
[4] var"@artifact_str"(source::LineNumberNode, module::Module, name::Any)
@ Artifacts /buildworker/worker/package_linuxaarch64/build/usr/share/julia/stdlib/v1.6/Artifacts/src/Artifacts.jl:641
[5] include(mod::Module, _path::String)
@ Base ./Base.jl:386
[6] include(x::String)
@ Knet ~/.julia/packages/Knet/dUFJb/src/Knet.jl:1
[7] top-level scope
@ ~/.julia/packages/Knet/dUFJb/src/Knet.jl:11
[8] include
@ ./Base.jl:386 [inlined]
[9] include_package_for_output(pkg::Base.PkgId, input::String, depot_path::Vector{String}, dl_load_path::Vector{String}, load_path::Vector{String}, concrete_deps::Vector{Pair{Base.PkgId, UInt64}}, source::Nothing)
@ Base ./loading.jl:1213
[10] top-level scope
@ none:1
[11] eval
@ ./boot.jl:360 [inlined]
[12] eval(x::Expr)
@ Base.MainInclude ./client.jl:446
[13] top-level scope
@ none:1
in expression starting at /home/giovanni/.julia/packages/Knet/dUFJb/src/libknet8/LibKnet8.jl:7
in expression starting at /home/giovanni/.julia/packages/Knet/dUFJb/src/libknet8/LibKnet8.jl:3
in expression starting at /home/giovanni/.julia/packages/Knet/dUFJb/src/Knet.jl:1
ERROR: Failed to precompile Knet [1902f260-5fb4-5aff-8c31-6271790ab950] to /home/giovanni/.julia/compiled/v1.6/Knet/jl_1lcqLC.
[1] error(s::String)
@ Base ./error.jl:33
[2] compilecache(pkg::Base.PkgId, path::String, internal_stderr::Base.TTY, internal_stdout::Base.TTY)
@ Base ./loading.jl:1360
[3] compilecache(pkg::Base.PkgId, path::String)
@ Base ./loading.jl:1306
[4] _require(pkg::Base.PkgId)
@ Base ./loading.jl:1021
[5] require(uuidkey::Base.PkgId)
@ Base ./loading.jl:914
[6] require(into::Module, mod::Symbol)
@ Base ./loading.jl:901

julia> versioninfo()
Julia Version 1.6.1
Commit 6aaedecc44 (2021-04-23 05:59 UTC)
Platform Info:
OS: Linux (aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu)
CPU: unknown
LIBM: libopenlibm
LLVM: libLLVM-11.0.1 (ORCJIT, cortex-a57)

julia> Pkg.status()
Status ~/.julia/environments/v1.6/Project.toml
[052768ef] CUDA v2.6.3
[1902f260] Knet v1.4.7