Cannot build CPLEX even with correct environment variable


I am trying to add CPLEX to Julia. I download the latest version of CPLEX, 22.1 And also updated the CPLEX.jl package to the latest version, v0.9.4. When running“CPLEX”), it seems that the path is wrong, so I correct the path to ENV[“CPLEX_STUDIO_BINARIES”] = “/Applications/CPLEX_Studio221/cplex/bin/x86-64_osx/”, which is the correct path. But it still throws the same error. I have attached the screenshot.



What is versioninfo()?

Note that CPLEX doesn’t support M1 yet: CPLEX.jl does not support Apple M1 · Issue #384 · jump-dev/CPLEX.jl · GitHub

Thanks Oscar for your prompt reply. Julia version is 1.8.1. I see, it is the because I am using an M2 machine. Thanks for pointing it out!

It should work with the Rosetta build of Julia.

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