Can you collapse combine many solution objects into one?

If I solve an ode system by calling the solver once I get a sol object let us call it sol_final , where I can save and access different times later. Let us pretend , I solve same system by chunks meaning I split up t_start, t_end tspan in chunks and I solve same system with a while loop. I can save sol object for each chunk in a dictionary like this
Dict( 1=> sol , 2=> sol , 3=sol ) where number is the index of the while loop. Can I somehow collapse index 1 to end and reproduce sol_final?

I am assuming same ode solver and options in all problems.

On another note, the interpolation method it says is a 3rd order hermite , I could not find a method in interpolations library similar to this, is there a way to call this interpolation method outside of differentialequations library methods?

PS: I did not think an example of this was necessary, but I can provide one if you think it will be useful. Again thank you.

Thank you.


We don’t have a utility for this right now, if you concatenate t, u, and k you should be good.

We could paste something out. It’s an interpolation that requires knowing the derivatives.

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k the chunks? I see. Thank you for your help Chris, is there any method /documentation you recommend me to check out about even thinking about recreating that behavior I expect? Thank you!

Thanks again !