Can this language be used as a gameserver?

I currently am an avid user of Crystal. I fell in love with its syntax and network wrappers. Setting up a TCP Server is super simple, same for storing clients in an Hash, etc. Also the JSON.parse/.to_json methods they have are awesome. It makes reading/outputting JSON data a breeze.

I’ve heard julia is more of a language geared towards “scientific computing”. But I was looking at the docs and it seems much more than that, haha!

What are your thoughts?

I’m reading

A great strength of Julia is that since the API is exposed synchronously even though the I/O is actually happening asynchronously,

Oh my, nicee

all general purpose language can do what a game server does in terms of TCP, JSON parsing and all, maybe a more important criteria falls on how the backed of that server integrates with what runs the game.

Thanks! Yeah, I need a good mysql driver that’s about it. Crystal has a nice db-driver that works great.

not particularly stellar or anything, just a wrapper, but it should be good enough(?)

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Yeah, basically just need insert and select support. Wow, thanks for your help. Going to dive into Julia, wish me luck!