Can remake be used with specific ODEProblem types?

When I try to remake a SecondOrderODEProblem with

       u0 = x[1], du0 = x[2])

I get

Unrecognized keyword arguments found.
The only allowed keyword arguments to `solve` are:
(:dense, :saveat, :save_idxs, :tstops, :tspan, :d_discontinuities, :save_everystep, :save_on, :save_start, :save_end, :initialize_save, :adaptive, :abstol, :reltol, :dt, :dtmax, :dtmin, :force_dtmin, :internalnorm, :controller, :gamma, :beta1, :beta2, :qmax, :qmin, :qsteady_min, :qsteady_max, :qoldinit, :failfactor, :calck, :alias_u0, :maxiters, :maxtime, :callback, :isoutofdomain, :unstable_check, :verbose, :merge_callbacks, :progress, :progress_steps, :progress_name, :progress_message, :progress_id, :timeseries_errors, :dense_errors, :weak_timeseries_errors, :weak_dense_errors, :wrap, :calculate_error, :initializealg, :alg, :save_noise, :delta, :seed, :alg_hints, :kwargshandle, :trajectories, :batch_size, :sensealg, :advance_to_tstop, :stop_at_next_tstop, :u0, :p, :default_set, :second_time, :prob_choice, :alias_jump, :alias_noise, :batch, :nlsolve_kwargs, :odesolve_kwargs, :linsolve_kwargs, :ensemblealg, :show_trace, :trace_level, :store_trace, :termination_condition)

Though the message is quite clear, does it mean only the default ODEProblem can be remade?

That’s a bug, we should address that. Open an issue.