Can I use JuMP 0.18 with Gurobi.jl 0.9.3?

For some reasons, I currently still have to use JuMP 0.18. When I updated Gurobi to the latest version 9.1 and Gurobi.jl to 0.9.3, I got some problems building my model.

When I do it with


I receive the error

UndefVarError: GurobiSolver not defined

So I want to know if I want to use Gurobi 9.1 with JuMP 0.18, how should I set my packages’ version?

Thank you so much.

You cannot use JuMP 0.18 with Gurobi 9.1.

You should update to JuMP 0.21.

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Thank you so much for your reply.

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