Can I compile native C programs on Julia CI?

When I am developing Clang.jl, a package which bridges C and Julia, I find it necessary that I test the generated wrapper against C libraries. Apart from testing on existing libraries shipped with jll packages, one way is to build small C libraries locally, whether directly invoking compilers or with BinaryBuilder.jl. However, neither is possible on the ubuntu-32bit CI, because it does not ship a gcc for native use, and the Julia version is not v1.6.

You can refer to setup-julia/#92 for a more detailed explanation on this.

What can I do to build native C programs in that case?

Use whatever C build tool and corresponding GitHub action. Julia has nothing to do with this functionality directly.

(Checkout BinaryBuilder.jl in case you want to distribute your C stuff as dependency to users across platforms)

Thank you, but I do not mean to distribute the built libraries, only to test them locally.
The desired workflow is: create a toy C library, compile it, generate wrappers, call the library from Julia to test if Clang.jl generates the right code. It would be unhandy if compiling means publishing the library somewhere and then downloading back.