BinaryBuilder.jl: Use clang for linux

I’m experimenting with wrapping CLBlast in Julia. While some pre-compiled binaries for linux are available on the project page, using this version and ccall for its C interface results in some errors for complex numbers Complex64. However, these errors disappear if I compile CLBlast using clang. Using the wizard of BinaryBuilder.jl, I can’t find a version of clang for linux. Thus, I would like to know whether (and how) it is possible to use clang for linux in BinaryBuilder.jl.

At the moment, we only support one compiler per platform. This is the generally same compiler used to build the binaries on We may include more compilers in the future. If you wanted to “Just make it work”, you may be able to get clang using either apk add clang, or by grabbing the x86_64 build of clang from (e.g. you can add it as a “source” to your build). You may have to fiddle with the settings though (e.g. isysroot in order to make it find the gcc installation of the standard libraries).

Thank you very much for you fast response! I will try it.