Callback function in a plot library

Hey all,

I want to create a plot that will will have clickable elements that do some active thing. My interest is in plotting a scatter plot of certain features from a set of waveforms that, when individual elements are clicked, will plot a source waveform from that selected feature in either another window or a secondary place of some sort.

I believe Python’s Bokeh library has a similar capability in the form of a callback function that you can pass to your plot call. Is there something similar in any of the Julia plotting libraries?


-David O.

Have you checked out
Interact.jl + Plots.jl
PlotlyJS.jl + Dash.jl?
The latter is probably more similar to Python’s Bokeh.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I don’t think Interact + Plots is what I’m looking for, but the PlotlyJS + Dash option might be.