Call-site inlinine/noinline

I wanted to ask whether there currently is a way to specify inlining at the call-site (which would hopefully override any callee declarations). I found the issue, which is closed and suggests that this is a feature that currently does not exist and is not planned for the future.

Am I reading this right, or did I simply fail at finding more current info?

I guess that a call-site inline/noinline macro is not something that I could get with a couple lines of julia-code?
(data structures in codegen would need to get an extra flag, which makes this a nontrivial feature?)

edit: fixed link, failed at copy&paste, sorry for the bad initial post. At the same time, found the likely answer which suggests that this is indeed up-to-date info :frowning: . Any mods, feel free to delete this question since it solved itself.

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