Call for Papers: "Latest Developments & Software Tools for Ecosystem & Flux Data Analysis" at EGU (Austria) (CLIMLIST)

Hello Julia community,

here’s a call for paper for the European Geosciences Union about a session called "“Latest Developments & Software Tools for Ecosystem & Flux Data Analysis”. This is a rather big event in the geophysical (Earth, planetary and space) domain, which takes place in Vienna, Austria 3-8 may 2020.

I think this is a great opportunity for some of the developper to show the latest work done in Julia. Some example would be Climate Machine, NCDatasets.jl, DataAssim.jl, GeoData.jl and many others I don’t know.

I’m not affiliated with the session or the EGU, just saw the announcement in climlist and thought it could be a great place to show some advancements using Julia.


edit - The link to the actual session (always useful!)

edit2 - Now that I’m reading the session, it does looks like specific to flux measurements… so the scope is rather more narrow that I thought!