[Call for Maintainers] JuliaAstro packages: AstroBase.jl, AstroTime.jl, EarthOrientation.jl, ERFA.jl, SPICE.jl

Hi folks,

Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that due to my current life circumstances I will not be able to give the following JuliaAstro packages the attention that they deserve for the foreseeable future. If anybody is interested in maintaining one of these packages, please let me know by replying here or by sending a DM.
I’d be happy to introduce prospective maintainers to the code bases and answer questions to the best of my ability.

These are the packages in question:

If no one is interested, I would like to archive the pure-Julia packages (AstroBase, AstroTime, EarthOrientation) and potentially move them back to my own GH account (CC: @giordano). Since the ERFA and SPICE C libraries move very slowly the Julia wrappers should remain functional with very little maintenance and I would leave them as they are.



Hi! I’d like to take up maintenance of AstroTime.jl, for however long I can. Would you like to discuss here or in the DMs on what you’re looking for in a maintainer and/or what their responsibilities would be? Thank you for your time!! (No pun intended lol)

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