Build Error on Linux : template errors on commit 00b7b606d82c36461d448a2a7b59475235199acf


I’m getting many C++ template related errors while building at commit 00b7b606d82c36461d448a2a7b59475235199acf.

Here’s the link to the output.

I tried this on Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 using local LLVM ( with Polly ) build. It had built successfully a few weeks back within the same environment.

Please help to resolve this and also let me know if I should add this as an issue to the GitHub repo.

Thank You,
Sanjay Srivallabh

If you are trying to build with USE_POLLY=1, I don’t think that is regularly tested so may require updates. It will also require LLVM_VER=svn, which may require manual steps to clean and update LLVM in an existing build. (such as cleaning the llvm build directory)

I had the same result when re-building after making USE_POLLY:=0 and then make clean. So, is it still dependent on Polly ?

Also, the error seems to be from parts that aren’t related to Polly. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thank You,
Sanjay Srivallabh

You’ll have to make sure that the LLVM is entirely clean since otherwise you have a lot of artifacts lying around in the build tree.

Hello Stefan,

What did you mean by LLVM build being clean ?

You need to run make -C deps distclean-llvm since make clean doesn’t touch dependencies.

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Fixed by, you are picking up the renamed header from your system llvm (or whatever other llvm version it can find).