Buglet? Warning on groupby

Is the Warning message a buglet?

julia> using DataFrames; df= DataFrame( n1=1:9, cat=[ 'A','B','A', 'B','C','B', 'C','A','C' ] );

julia> groupby(df, :cat)
GroupedDataFrame{DataFrame} with 3 groups based on key: :cat
First Group: 3 rows┌ Warning: iterating over value of eachcol on SubDataFrame will return a pair of column name and a view of column value
│   caller = ip:0x0
└ @ Core :-1


This deprecation warning will be fixed shortly, if it hasn’t already been fixed on master.

It has to do with the a recently changed behavior of eachcol motivated by consistency with a new feature in base.

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