Bug with divrem?



I am using

divrem(A, B)

and getting the following warning

WARNING: div(A::AbstractArray, B::Number) is deprecated, use div.(A, B) instead.

It looks like I am being told to use div. instead of div, but I am not using div and I don’t think that divrem. exists. Is this warning spurious?


divrem calls div and rem internally. Calling the dot version of divrem suppresses the warning: divrem.(A, B).


It gives different answer though, Vector of Tuples intead of Tuple of Vector's.


Why should it be Tuple of Vector's?


The original function gave that.


By the way, would it be possible to have divrem call the related LLVM routine if this exists?


Is this a bug worth opening an issue for on Julia’s github?


If you would like to file one, go ahead.