--bug-report=rr doesn't play nicely with hang & interrupt: how to create bug report?

I’m trying to construct and submit an rr bug report for semi-heisenbug (possibly in Julia itself). When I run

julia my-script.jl

(julia 1.6.1), I get one of a variety of errors, e.g.

corrupted double-linked list


julia: malloc.c:3848: _int_malloc: Assertion `chunk_main_arena (fwd)' failed.

signal (6): Aborted

and the program hangs. (Via debugging I know that this error is occurring at a function call.) I then send an interrupt with Ctrl-c.

The problem is, this interrupt—which is necessary to get the program to end!—interrupts the creation of the rr recording, so I have nothing to send in!

This seems like the perfect case for rr: I some kind of memory weirdness at a function call boundary. How can I create the bug report?