Bug in Juliahub search

Why does searching for DataFramesMacros come up empty?


If I do search for DataFramesMeta, I find both so I know it’s there. Not sure where to file an issue.

At first I thought it might be because I used lower case.

If I search for DataFrames I also find DataFramesMacros, if I scroll down, since JuliaHub seems to handle substrings, but then if I intentionally try to search for “ataFrames” I only find DataFramesMacros…

You have a typo in the package name. You’re looking for DataFrameMacros:

+ https://juliahub.com/ui/Search?q=DataFrameMacros&type=packages
- https://juliahub.com/ui/Search?q=DataFramesMacros&type=packages 

EDIT: Muphry’s law applies here. Made a typo with the word “typo”. :laughing:


Could still be called a bug, I suppose. We’re doing fuzzy matching for package names, so this could/should conceivably work.