Bringing old C code into Julia

Hi everyone.
I finally found the original and pro stockwell transform code in C wrapped somewhere.
I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to call this from julia.

Kind regards

It is also a good code that if can be ported with Ygdrassil that would be cool!

The code is so short that it honestly seems easier and more rewarding to just port it to Julia. (It will get a lot shorter in Julia, too.)

We’re not going to accept a package without an appropriate license. Someone should tell them since they’re linking to FFTW, which is GPL. Also, not having a license means that you can’t look at their code to translate it.


If i understand well, this is inside some file

* st.c
 * Original version downloaded from
 * The contents of this file is free and unencumbered software released
 * into the public domain. For more information, please refer to

from here

That’s another repository?

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Several people have used this code for many things. Just that the original website is lost (it exist but the codes are lost). In the first one, someone erased the top of the code, on the second one the code is full. I work with the owner of the second link, so I have this from a pretty direct source.