Bring back deprecation warnings



It’s been a while since I did any work with Julia and want to update some packages for 0.6. When I installed my packages, several deprecation warnings showed, but they only showed once. How can I see the deprecation warnings again? :slight_smile:



If the relevant packages use the deprecation mechanism in Base (depwarn), the warning should be printed the first time the function is called in each session, ie restarting Julia and loading the packages should give you the warnings again.


Some warnings only show up during precompilation, though. You can modify one of your packages’ files to trigger precompilation again upon the next importing of that code.

And note that many packages haven’t been updated yet and still have warnings, so the warnings may not have been your fault at all.


If they are actually showed when you “installed my packages”, you can rerun the build script.


I’m unable to reproduce the deprecation warnings, but my package is 0.5 :thinking:

I installed Julia 0.6 and then

julia> Pkg.add("Pages") 

I “think” it was at this step I saw the warnings.

Then I think I saw some warnings when

julia> using Pages
julia> Pages.start()

Then there was the obligatory

julia> Pkg.update()

However, now, no matter what I do, e.g. start a new session, close / reopen the REPL, even


doesn’t show any warnings.

I’m sure I’m just confused. It’s been a while, but I think my package should be throwing all kinds of warnings (I think).


Try running your test suite (or other code) to trigger them. Also if it is due to precompilation, as @cstjean said: modify your src/Pages.jl file, say by adding a blank line, that should trigger re-compilation.


If this is actually the step you see the issue then it’s most likely your build script or any packages it uses (BinDeps for example). You should be able to see the warnings again by running that script after clearing anything it generates. You may also want to add --compiledcache=no when running that script or clearning all caches.