Breaking the shackles -- A new registry, free of any bounds

For far too long, we have been shackled by the bounds that exist in our daily Julia life. I am, of course, talking about the bounds (upper and lower) that the General registry imposes on us. Instead of the package manager just installing the packages we want, at the versions we want, we get long weird resolver errors preventing us from using the latest and greatest features of our dependencies.

To that, I say: No more!

I would like to announce a new registry called “LivingAtHead” that can be found at It is a fork of the General registry, it contains the same packages and the same version of all packages. The only difference is that it contains no upper bounds (and no lower bounds). In other words, it is a liberated version of the General registry.

To start using it, first, get rid of the oppressive General registry:

(v1.3) pkg> registry rm General
  Removing registry `General` from ~/.julia/registries/General

and then, add the new, free and liberal registry, LivingAtHead:

(v1.3) pkg> registry add

Now just run Pkg.update() to get all the new features and start living like a free (wo)man.

Happy Coding,
Kristoffer “breaker of bounds” Carlsson

PS: This post is not really serious. Don’t report issues to packages using this registry. In fact, don’t report anything to anyone using this registry. Plz. :pray:


I can not take in. will your registry be synchronizing with the default one over time or not?

I think this registry is just a tongue-in-cheek demonstration of a point made in this topic:

and is not intended to be used for anything serious.

True (but it does update). I think that it doesn’t put in new packages right now though.

Hahaha - nice experiment. Considering I just had 2 mature dependancies break unexpectedly and break my package this morning I think I’ll be sticking with General :P.